Ricardo Granda Vásquez

Journalist & Website Developer


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Hello there, I’m Ricardo Granda, Journalist and Website Developer.

I’m a very proactive guy who enjoys learning about new technologies and languages (including coding that is, as a matter of fact, another kind of language. Yes! a computer language). I have been working in the field of journalism for over 9 years and I studied international affairs in Spain and Peru. One of my greatest adventures was working for the FAO headquarter in Rome, Italy. Three years ago my career path changed fundamentally and I started following my new vision: website development. Since then I am putting all my efforts into becoming a better consultant for online communication and UX.

  • Male
  • Born on July 03
  • 70 Washington Square S, New York
  • Fishing and Traveling
  • Rock, Reage and R&B



Alfil Comunicación (Spanish Advertising Agency)

December 2011 - present

Community Manager and Website Developer

I began as a Community Manager, where I got involved in the coding world almost since the beginning. I have been developing websites within the LAMP environment and possess a very good knowledge of PHP, Javascript, Ajax, MySql Database, HTML 5 and CSS 3. I have some expertise with canvas, but I am still improving my knowledge in that area. Some of our clients are: Weleda, Querotools, Pandora and CrioCord. I have developed native apps with PHP, while using some frameworks like Dingo or Codeigniter, Twitter Bootstrap and Mootols.

Notoriety - Part of the Zapping Village

September 2010 - October 2011

Community Manager and Website Developer

I joined the Zapping Village by chance. When the company expanded (or bought another company), the director did not hesitate to call me again, as she had been working with me before. It was a very profitable experience, because I had to deal with interesting clients like Red Bull,  Disney, PSOE (Socialist Spanish Party) and El Corte Inglés. I was in charge of updating the company’s website (http://www.notoriety.es). I worked as a community manager, blogger and social media data analyst. As a website developer I created templates for the Wordpress blogging platform, and I connected the websites we created and the social media platforms by using their APIS (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube). During that time I could acquire a very good knowledge of Wordpress Templates Development.

Quyxote Foundation

August 2009 - May 2010

Journalist and Webmaster

It was a very beneficial time for me because I could apply my knowledge of the chinese language in the field: I was in charge of designing media projects concerning NGO’s affairs, as well as liaising with the marketing department and contacting providers in China. Their English was at a very low level and as I was studying Chinese,  it was a good opportunity to improve speaking and writing in Chinese. I also did administrative work and data entry.

Portal Latino /  Sony Vaio / HBO

January 2009 - August 2009  

Blogger and Community manager - Freelancer

Portal Latino was a website, which main interest was the situation of latin american people living in Spain. We became an important online platform for the Latin American community, through  posting news and relevant information. I was in charge of updating the website by using a custom CMS. I worked more as a freelance journalist than a developer,  and I could learn a little bit of HTML and CSS during that time. At the same time I also wrote posts for a blog on Sony Vaio - in that moment the newest laptop by Sony - talking about the advantages of purchasing this new product. Another project was writing posts and make some SEM for the TV Serie “Epitafios” on HBO.

Organisation of Food and Agriculture of the United Nations - FAO

September 2008 - December 2008

Volunteer, Communications Department (KCIM) – Online Manager and Journalist

This was maybe the greatest work experience I have had, because I could join an international environment at a very high level. Apart from learning issues related to international affairs, I also was taught in values like respect, trust, confidentiality, responsibility and accountability (many thanks Liliane, Charmaine and Eric). I volunteered at FAO’s Headquarters in Rome, Italy and during this period I accomplished several duties, like: Interviews with FAO representatives, experts and chief of departments in English and Spanish; update of the FAO’s audio website (Spanish and English versions); distribution of audio-clips concerning FAO’s interests to the FAO’s worldwide network as well as to the main broadcasters and radio producers in South America, the Caribbean, Europe and the United Nations Radio Office; coverage of the main FAO related events; coordinating work among FAO HQ, Latin America and the Caribbean regional office (Chile) and FAO spanish office. I also developed joint projects with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA).

El Comercio - Publishing Company - Perú

January 2004 - January 2007


This was my first experience as a journalist. I learned a lot about this occupation  but more than that I learned from the people I worked with, several values like liability, accuracy and keeping going forward despite adversities. As a journalist I wrote and edited news on entertainment and cultural issues. I interviewed Peruvian and international artists in English and Spanish and also covered press conferences and events concerning politics, international affairs and culture.


Complutense University - Madrid - Spain

December 2007 - December 2008

Master Degree in International Affairs.  

Description:  International mass media and the global South, concerning labour of mass media in the developed countries and its point of view on developing countries.

Autonoma University - Madrid - Spain

January 2007 - December 2007

Master Degree in International Affairs.  

Description:  Master Degree on the relation between the global south and the developed countries, NGO's labour and humanitarian action.

Catholic Peruvian University

January 1997 - December 2004

Bachelor, Communication and Journalist  

Description:  Graduated from the communication and journalism faculty from the Peruvian Catholic University.



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